Free standing bathtubs are restored in our workshop in accord with the needs and preferences of the customer

A brief summary of the technology used:

• The legs are removed, and the surfaces are cleaned with grit blasting.
• Then, we soil the insides in an acid bath.
• We remove the impurities of the surface, and only after the color choice (legs, inside, outside) does the surface receive its final glazings.
• For the antique bathtubs, you can also order different pipes makde of copper, that can be chromed, colored, or gold-plated.


Copper pipes


After setting it on its feet, we start the inner restoration:
• After a rough and soft polish, we apply 8 layers of Kott Koatings glaze with warm air diffusion technology.
• The glaze adheres to the surface via a chemical bond. It can be ordered in a variety of colors.

This is a method producing lasting results.

We give 1 year of warranty for our work.

After getting your needs straight, we'll give you a specific offer.
The ballpark figures for restoring a free standing bathtub are 250.000- 290.000 Ft. + VAT.


Before After


Before After