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The company was established in 1989 by individuals immediately as the political and agricultural situation allowed for it. The two main owners and executives: Pálffy Judit engineer and economist, the former head executive of a state-owned commercial company, and Pálffy Tibor engineer, who headed an engineering office dealing with supervising and carrying out constructions, and checking their engineering integrity. During the privatizations they purchased and renovated a 1300 sqm warehouse, that gave home to offices and showrooms.


In the 90s, they introduced the Price Kanada wall coating family of the then-manufacturer, ABITIBI to the Hungarian market, as well as the bathing and skin care products made from natural ingredients by Upper Canada Soap and Candle Makers Kanada. They also distributed OSB sheets of Louisiana Pacific USA.

Technogen Ltd. is the owner of the Kott Koatings Inc. California USA bath renovation master franchise.
As the Hungarian representative of the German Nonslide company, we provide anti-slip solutions for different surfaces.

The company has been distributing anti-obstacle coatings to ease navigation for the blind, the hard of seeing, and the disabled. The coatings meet all the necessary DIN provisions, as well as the standards of the Regional Association for the Blind and Hard of Seeing.