Technogen Ltd. is the owner of the Kott Koatings Inc. California USA Porcelain Refinishing Master Franchise.




Restoration of bathtubs without demolition with the Kott Koatings system.
Our company offers a professional system, which is suitable for the on-site restoration of the glazing and coating of built-in bathroom equipment, like bathtubs, lavatories, shower pads, tiles, etc. with no demolition, in custom colors. The advantages of the system are that it is fast (usually done in one day), inexpensive, and produces no debris, dust,  or any mess. The Kott Koatings system is distributed by TECHNOGEN Ltd.
It has been developed in the U.S. more than 50 years ago, and since then, it has been used in more than 50 counties worldwide with great success. Its reliability is proved not only by the strict competition rules of the U.S. market, but our sophisticated technology and quality materials used. To satisfy countrywide demand, we are building a partnership network, for which we are seeking contractors.


First, we clean the lacquer layer mechanically and chemically, then lacquer blemishes are revealed using jet lance. Following this, we correct them using a special substance, that adheres exceptionally well even when applied in a thin layer, and it doesn't change its volume between -20 and +80 degrees Celsius. After rough and soft polishings, 8 layers of Kott Koatings glaze is applied eith warm air diffusion technology. The coating adheres to the original surface chemically. It can be ordered in different colors. 8 layers of glaze make sure that the resulting surface will be as hard and of the same quality as the original surface was. 72 hours are needed for the chemical processes to go through, but there's an optional faster alternative, where the bathtub can be ready for use in a couple of hours. The whole process can be performed without producing debris, mess, demolition, and without having to carry everything out of the bathroom. It is done using environmentally friendly materials in under 6-8 hours.


Who are our potential partners?

Those who have decided that they want to be their own boss, and want to grab this well-paying opportunity.The skill in this new method can be acquired in a relatively short time, and it requires no vocational education. Machinery used can be operated by a single person, so the undertaking can be started alone, only with a vehicle.

Who are the potential customers?
Pretty much every household where there's a bathtub. Also, hotels, motels, and other public buildings where there are communal showers, lavatories, or dressing rooms.


What do we provide our partners?
training (not only the technical part, but how to jumpstart your new business),
Hungarian user's manuals,
exclusive rights for the purchased technology,
direct contact with domestic partners,
• on-site consultation,
• getting to know international novelties in the field.


Funds to be invested: 1.9 - 2.1 million HUF + VAT                                           
Should you have any questions, please inquire using the following telephone number:

Telefon/Fax: 00 36 1 2774722
Mobile: +36 70 534-4687